Hecatomb Quake II v0.1.1 released!


That’s right. First patch of htq2 has arrived!, and it comes with a major revision of its CMake build scripts. These are the changes:

  • [CMake] New options for choosing targets: HT_CLIENT, HT_SERVER and HT_GAME
  • [CMake] Scripts will now check for SDL version 1.2.*
  • [OS X] Bundled frameworks are taken into account at last priority, that means that if external frameworks/libraries are found, they will be used instead, so you’ll have the option of making experimental builds against alternate versions of dependencies. Now you can link with whatever libraries you want, go ahead and try some brew install jpeg libvorbis.
  • [CMake] HT_HUNKDRIVER_GENERIC is now marked as an advanced option
  • [Windows] Use of standard main on dedicated server (instead of WinMain)

You can download htq2 at its new website hosted by GitHub.
Enjoy!, and happy fragging!.


Hecatomb Quake II v0.1.1 released!

htq2 – No more QGL pointers

htq2_logoThat’s right!, from now on htq2 will be using OpenGL directly, QGL only exists solely for the purpose of dealing with OpenGL extensions, all of this will be available for the 0.2 release!.

For those who still don’t know, QGL is the Quake GL system, an abstraction of the OpenGL subsystem used by the Quake II refresher. OpenGL functions and extensions are not called directly, instead, they’re called through analogous functions (e.g. qglVertex3f -> glVertex3f). This brings up a question …

Why did QGL exist in the first place? Continue reading “htq2 – No more QGL pointers”

htq2 – No more QGL pointers

htq2 – SDL2 backend in the works!

As of today, I’ve been working on an experimental branch towards SDL2 migration and I can tell you people that it’s cooking really nice!, all of it has been built along with SDL1 with certain code separation via some preprocessor directives generated at config time, I’m really loving this baby so far.  This brand new and shiny SDL2 backend is now on its heaviest development state and it will be eventually merged onto the master branch when I consider it appropriate (when it gets a little more decent if I may be sincere with you). Of course it’s working, it compiles and runs without any crashes at least, it has some flaws and deficiencies, but as you know SDL2 is barely seeing the light of dawn, as soon as it made it to RC1 I got interested to finally use it and give it a try. SDL2 so far has proven to be potentially the greatest feature present in htq2 for its v0.2 release!. Continue reading “htq2 – SDL2 backend in the works!”

htq2 – SDL2 backend in the works!