Hecatomb Quake II v0.1.1 released!


That’s right. First patch of htq2 has arrived!, and it comes with a major revision of its CMake build scripts. These are the changes:

  • [CMake] New options for choosing targets: HT_CLIENT, HT_SERVER and HT_GAME
  • [CMake] Scripts will now check for SDL version 1.2.*
  • [OS X] Bundled frameworks are taken into account at last priority, that means that if external frameworks/libraries are found, they will be used instead, so you’ll have the option of making experimental builds against alternate versions of dependencies. Now you can link with whatever libraries you want, go ahead and try some brew install jpeg libvorbis.
  • [CMake] HT_HUNKDRIVER_GENERIC is now marked as an advanced option
  • [Windows] Use of standard main on dedicated server (instead of WinMain)

You can download htq2 at its new website hosted by GitHub.
Enjoy!, and happy fragging!.


Hecatomb Quake II v0.1.1 released!

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